Know where they are and where they've been. Instantly.

What's so great About Got-its?

Use the power of your workforce to track shared things in your workspace. Get automatic updates to your phone when a colleague is within bluetooth range of things important to you. It’s tracking, powered by collaboration.


Where is it? Who has it? Who had it last? You can stick a Got-it on any business asset, then know instantly. They’re like barcodes but smarter. Like trackers, but simpler. They’re the ultimate, no-brainer way to find and see your assets – everywhere.

This is How it works

Stick Got-its to anything you want to keep track of – any shape, any size, anywhere – and get instant updates on your phone. No RFID. No scanning. Just automatic updates, when you’re walking around, within bluetooth range of the asset.

Stick It

They’re super flexible so can stick onto anything regardless of size or shape.

Got It

Find and see your assets instantly with automatic updates through our app. Know where it is, who has it, who had it.

Track It

You can track your asset when anyone with the app in your workspace is within bluetooth range.

A few of our use cases

"Bob" might use Got-its for:


I needed to adjust a roller on the assembly line during a night shift. It’s a simple fix but it takes a special tool to get the job done. I couldn’t find it anywhere. This happened before and the line went down for hours. We started using Got-it labels on all our key tools that get shared between multiple teams and two factory areas. We now know exactly who borrowed that 19mm hex wrench and didn’t bring it back.
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“Sarah and Suzie” might use Got-its for:


The two of us run an events company and have a team of around twelve people full time. We help companies coordinate their trade show booths and take care of everything, soup to nuts. From the booth itself, to the demos, signage, etc., it’s a major production getting everything where it needs to be. In-between events, we store everything in boxes and crates in our three warehouses spread out from the East to West coast. Got-its labels have been a godsend. We stick them to everything those goes into short term storage, have everyone at the company download the app, and it handles it all automatically. We know exactly who packed each box, what’s in it, where it was last seen, and where it is now.
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“Erik” might use Got-its for:

Truck Rolls

I run the local service depot for an independent telco. I manage about 15 vehicles, each running anywhere from three, up to eight jobs a day in bad weather. Each truck has a ton of tools, spare repeaters, and expensive specialty gear for testing connectivity and performance. It’s a real pain if we get a guy out there 1-2 hours away from the depot, only to discover he's missing the right tool or spare part. Got-its have really kept us shipshape. We stick them on almost everything that goes on the truck. As soon as Joey pulls out, he knows exactly what’s with him or if he’s left anything behind.
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Got-its are full of amazing Tech

  • Electrochemical layer
    Super thin battery = at least a year lifespan
  • Flexible Sticky layer
    High energy adhesive = application to any shape and surface
  • Wireless layer
    Printed bluetooth LE active circuit = Asset tracking without scanning from 30m
No RFID. No scanning. Just instant updates with the phone in your pocket.

Our Shop has a range of packages

Got-its work for loads of Industries

Got-its are for anyone who wants to track a business asset. Whether you have 10 or 10,000. Whether you’re in the office or the warehouse or the storeroom. If you can’t afford to lose something, we got you.


Make sure you’ve got the tools for the job, before a truck roll.


Make sure medical equipment is in the right place, and controlled drugs are with the right people.


Find tools or critical parts, fast.

Small Businesses

Know what’s in stock, what’s missing, what’s going where.


Know when it arrives, if it’s all there, or if it goes off site.


Make sure everything is there, and nothing is left behind.