Where is it?   What happened to it?  Who has it?  

Got-it!   Problem solved.

Not knowing who’s got what or where they put it is an all too familiar problem at every place I’ve worked at over the years.  A lot of time and effort wasted tracking down things like tools, demo kits, packages, or storage boxes when needed the most.  It’s frustrating, and no one wants to pester co-workers to find things.

Today, the Got-it team is proud to be bringing out a down-to-Earth, damn helpful little solution: Got-It labels.  They’re wireless, ultra thin labels that stick to anything.  They work with an app on your phone, but not just your phone, rather, all your co-workers’ phones as well.  Whether it’s the office, warehouse, lab, or factory, Got-its enable collaborative asset tracking for teams.

The background story: Got-its started as a solution for all that really simple stuff that went missing, at home.  There were loads of little things, like iPhone charger cables or even Chapstick, that when forgotten or went missing, made life a little difficult.  Sure, I could put a Bluetooth tracker on everything… but they’re expensive and a little clunky, especially for a $1.99 stick of Chapstick.

The reality through, is that when stuff around the house goes missing, it’s just kinda annoying.   At work, it’s a different ballgame.  It costs really valuable time and money.   There we go — a real problem to solve!  We dug in, started cranking hard, engaged with two major companies to run initial trials, and talked with as many businesses as possible to understand how we could build the most amazing product out there.

Here’s the thing that we learned about existing asset tracking solutions.  They require work.   Either you’ve got to manually scan stuff with an RFID reader, or install expensive gateways and infrastructure.  That’s painful.  Attaching clunky Bluetooth or 3G “warts” or recharging or replacing batteries is also cumbersome.   Not something I’d do, or realistically, follow through on, over time.

We fell in love with the idea of a simple little sticker!   As easy as a Post-It Note, just stick our label to anything that needs to be accounted for at work.   No NFC/RFID reader.  It’s a smart, printed Bluetooth label made on very low-cost, thin films typically used in food packaging industry.

With Got-it’s, all you then need is an app.  Plain and simple.  The more co-workers that have it, the better we can locate things indoors and outside.  We also figured out some tricks to make it work while in your pocket, completely in the background.

Give it a try.  Let us know how it goes.  We also build custom enterprise solutions that integrate with your existing systems.  Let’s have a conversation about how we can help. Drop the team a message at, and we’ll get back to you right away.